Is It An Advisable To Buy A Yamuna Expressway Plot?

Is It An Advisable To Buy A Yamuna Expressway Plot?

The Yamuna Expressway is one of NCR’s most important land hotspots, and real estate purchasers are finding it to be a wise investment. Numerous land projects have been created in this area because of the abundance of vacant land parcels. The new buildings is sprouting up in upscale integrated townships and storage and logistics complexes. As a result, the Yamuna Expressway Plot represents the next frontier for residential and agricultural real estate in Delhi/NCR. Let’s get into further detail about it.

Why Yamuna Authority’s plot?

Each prospective buyer wonders if it would be sensible to buy land from the Yamuna Expressway Authority or if they should look elsewhere. So, is buying the Yamuna Expressway Plot a wise investment? Here are some of the primary advantages of buying land from the Yamuna Expressway Authority’s plot:


The highway costs Rs. 13,300 crores, takes 47 months to construct, and covers a huge distance of 165 km. The Expressway travels through Mathura and Aligarh from Greater Noida to Agra. In this region, numerous new real estate projects are now being constructed. In the area, there are many planned residential developments. Global growth is anticipated to increase with sanctioning of two metro routes, Noida City Centre to Greater Noida and Noida City Centre to Sector-62.


  • Due to differences in size, plots in the same general area can cost differently. You can determine the plot’s true cost based on the land’s zoning code and general area. This can also help you estimate the number of lands you can use for building.
  • Before purchasing any plot, you should also consider the property’s terrain. The property price can be significantly impacted by the type of climate, soil composition, and available water supplies. Fertile land is quite expensive because it is scarce and very hot. They are primarily employed in agriculture. Although purchasing land in rocky terrain is not advised because it is not deemed suitable for construction,
  • Since land frauds are frequent, don’t hesitate to request legitimate property documentation before investing. Check land records to confirm that the person in question is the property’s legitimate owner. To ensure the safety of your investment, get a professional to help you through the full procedure.



It is well known that Noida is known for providing for the housing needs of its residents. To satisfy the basic needs of the populace, more new Yamuna Expressway plots and projects are being built. Noida may more effectively maintain its reputation in the Noida real estate market by providing properties along the Yamuna Expressway.


If the abovementioned details have convinced you to make this investment, get in touch with Mint Avenue immediately. We have helped numerous clients discover the appropriate lots and build homes they can be proud of for a year. By getting yours today, you may join the league.

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