YEIDA 2041 Masterplan – Highlighting Yamuna Expressway Plot & International Airport?

nternational Airport

Real estate buyers consider the Yamuna Expressway one of the NCR’s most significant land hotspots and a wise investment. The abundance of undeveloped land parcels in this area has led to the creation of numerous land projects.


This master plan aspires to build a sustainable and well-known city that takes advantage of the business opportunities provided by world-class infrastructure while guaranteeing the highest possible quality of living for its residents.


This master plan focuses on Phase 1 of the notified territory, which includes 171 villages and encompasses 604 sq km out of the 2,689 sq km of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority’s (YEIDA) notified area. The currently planned area has a total population of 3.74 lakh, according to the 2011 Census, with forecasts of 35 lakhs by 2031 and 41.7 lakhs by 2041.


The Noida International Airport, industrial corridors, and Yamuna Expressway plots are the focal elements of the Yamuna Expressway Authority Master Plan 2041.


According to the Authority’s recently concluded board meeting decision, a total of 13.67 lakh jobs would be created in phases by 2041, according to the master plan. YEIDA has a lot of potential for small and medium-sized businesses, including cottage industries, according to the proposed strategy.


Sixteen different sectors will have been developed by YEIDA territory by 2041. It, therefore, includes a considerable area of industrial activity. Logistical infrastructure must also be established to fulfill future industrial and Yamuna Expressway plot demands. Additionally, it has been suggested that industrial workers live in service apartments and dorms.


YEIDA Phase 1 is also impacted by the growth dynamics of Noida and Greater Noida. The plan also considers historical and cultural elements to enable the city to act as a regional entry point. The Authority also intends to construct a historic city near Mathura and Vrindavan.


In addition to the Yamuna and Eastern Peripheral expressways, other proposed expressways in the region include the Ganga and Upper Ganga Canals. There are additional plans for depots, freight routes, and an interstate bus terminal. The design provides both on-street and off-street parking alternatives, which effectively tackles the issue of parking, a critical component of transportation.


Aerotropolis, CBD, and Olympic City are some of the primary ideas surrounding the airport.


Although the area’s development will probably take several years, logical and sequential infrastructure phasing is necessary to lower risk and boost economic viability. The draught plan states that the size, location, and type of development in the specified area will be determined and phased by market demand, legal framework, infrastructural development, and fiscal effect.



It is common knowledge that Noida excels at meeting the housing demands of its citizens. More new Yamuna Expressway plots and projects are being constructed to meet the population’s needs. By offering properties near the Yamuna Expressway, Noida may be better able to uphold its image in the Noida real estate market.


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