The Nuances of Investing in a Property on Yamuna Expressway

Buying a Yamuna expressway plot for earning profit is a smart investment instrument most used by investors. An investment in real estate in the right location at the right time can provide a great return in the medium and long term.

Only this option will provide you with the highest income. In order to gain profit from plot investments in the short term, you should follow the areas open to development closely and have solid information about the zoning situation, for example, you can choose resale plots on Yamuna expressway.

New settlements and structures such as hospitals, schools, and shopping centers that are planned to be built near the route also increase the value of the surrounding plots in the short and medium-term.

When buying a plot, the first thought of every investor should be to ensure that his current savings do not melt in the face of inflation. However, if the rate of profit obtained from the sale of the plot at the end of the targeted period is above the inflation rate in the past period, it is considered a successful investment.

Yamuna Expressway is currently one of the real estate hotspots of Delhi-NCR and offers a wide range of options to home buyers and investors.

From Greater Noida, the Yamuna Expressway covers Aligarh and Mathura to Agra for 165 kilometers.

Several prominent developers have taken advantage of the development potential of the corridor. While growth may seem a bit slow today; the new proposal for infrastructure development, including the metro, is aimed at providing a new impetus to the demand for residential property.

What to look for when choosing a residential plot for yourself?


The choice of a plot for construction begins with the settlement in which it will be located. The surrounding infrastructure also determines the quality of life outside the city. Before you buy a plot, find out:

  • Which school/kindergarten your child will be able to attend;
  • Are there clubs or sports sections;
  • Availability of shops;
  • How far is the nearest hospital/medical center;
  • Which population prevails near it.

Distance to city

Perhaps one of the most important criteria for the correct choice of a plot for individual housing construction is the distance to the city center.

It all depends on your lifestyle: how often do you need to travel to the city, do you have a remote job, etc.

Check on which roads you can get to the city – what are they in terms of quality and traffic density (if there are traffic jams). Not always the closest road to the city is the fastest.

Plot location

The above is more likely to refer to the choice of the locality and area where the site will be located. Consider how to choose the right plot for individual housing construction, taking into account its location.

Not only the quality of life depends on the location of the site, but also its cost in the future. So what you need to do is to assess the development prospects of the selected area, or just entrust this whole task to the team of Mint Avenue which will you get you the best deals.

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